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DMN Pro Q1 2024: Missing Payments? A Look At Loss Prevention In Music

A comprehensive discussion on the state of music licensing, streaming fraud, metadata, and getting paid — with a panel of the foremost authorities in the music industry. Missing payments? Tune in!

  • Moderator: Paul Resnikoff, Publisher of Digital Music News

Panel 1: UGC Licensing Pitfalls

  • Virginie Berger – Chief Business Development and Rights Officer of MatchTune
  • Alexander Baynum – Director of U.S. Operations for Exploration.io
  • Ryan Born – Founder of HAAWK and Identifyy

Panel 2: Fixing The Data Debacle

  • Jeff Price – Co-Founder and CEO of Word Collections
  • Ryan Edwards – Founder and CEO of Audoo
  • Jack Cyphers – Founder and CEO of Border Fox Consulting
  • Edward Ginis- Founder and CEO of OpenPlay

Panel 3: Streaming Fraud

  • Andrew Batey – Co-Founder of Beatdapp
  • Abby North – President of North Music Group
  • Nermina Mumic – CEO of Legitary