50 Cent, Fat Joe, Scott Storch and others face copyright infringement charges over “Candy Shop” and “Lean Back.”

Photo credit: Alex Const / CC from 2.0

50 Cent, Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Scott Storch and a host of record labels are facing copyright infringement lawsuits over their hit songs “Candy Shop” and “Lean Back.”

Rappers 50 Cent and Fat Joe, producer Scott Storch and others have been accused of stealing two of the biggest hits of their careers from another producer’s 20-year-old song. David W. Smith has filed a lawsuit against several defendants, including the Warner Chappell Music, Interscope Records, and Shady Records labels, Over 50 Cent’s 2005 single “Candy Shop,” and Terror Squad’s track “Lean Back.” the year 2004.

According to the legal action Smith, a Maryland-based producer, who filed April 27, claims both songs contain elements from his song “WHATCHACOM4?”. released with rapper Moe Wet in 2003. Smith argues that comparative images of the waveforms of all three tracks will help prove his claim.

Smith says he believes Storch, who produced both titles mentioned in the lawsuit, discovered “WHACHACOM4?” via a New York City-based record pool that both men were said to be a part of at the time of the song’s release. He claims they received “weekly updates on the performance of releases on their respective labels.”

Curiously, an official copyright for Smith’s title was not granted until 2022 – almost 20 years after its original creation and publication.

“Lean Back” from Terror Squad’s second album in 2004 True story, peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, where it stayed at the top for three consecutive weeks – the biggest hit of Fat Joe and Terror Squad’s career. 50 Cent released “Candy Shop” as his second single in 2005 The massacre album, reached the top of the Hot 100 and received multi-platinum status.

The lawsuit names Fat Joe (real name Joseph Cartagena), 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson), Scott Storch and Remy Ma (real name Reminisce Smith Mackie) as defendants.

Additionally, Warner Chappell Music, Warner Tamerlane Publishing, TVT Music, Joey and Ryan Music, Remynisce Music, Terror Squad Productions, Terror Squad Entertainment, 50 Cent Music and Shady Records are listed among the accused. Interscope Records and Aftermath Entertainment, subsidiaries of Universal Music Group, are also listed as defendants, but UMG itself is not.