A2IM to Offer Healthcare to Artists Starting Next Week

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A2IM healthcare

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Photo Credit: A2IM

Not-for-profit trade organization A2IM announces the launch of A2IM Artist Pro, a program designed to provide independent artists with healthcare options with $99 annual membership dues.

The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) has announced the launch of its A2IM Artist Pro program, an initiative designed to provide artists with healthcare options with annual membership dues of $99.

Aiming to empower independent artists to enhance their careers and well-being, the program grants access to the A2IM Benefits Store, which includes health insurance programs and an array of a la carte insurance options, including dental, vision, renters and home insurance, personal items protection, legal services, pet insurance, and much more. 

A2IM’s Artist Pro program is a significant milestone for the organization in its commitment to fostering the growth and prosperity of independent musicians. A2IM is taking proactive steps to bridge the recognizable gap in challenges facing artists in securing reliable health coverage. Building on the success of last year’s launch of affordable health insurance for executive members, A2IM Artist Pro enables artists to tailor their coverage to suit their individual needs and priorities.

“We are extremely excited to unveil the Artist Pro program as a testament to our unwavering dedication to empowering and uplifting independent artists,” says Dr. Richard James Burgess MBE, President and CEO of A2IM. “Independent artists play a pivotal role in the recorded music industry, and our mission is to guide them towards success by offering invaluable resources and an array of exclusive benefits.”

A2IM is also offering exclusive access to additional services through the A2IM Artist Pro tier, supporting artists with discounted access to services, including BuzzMyVideos, MXD, ShineX Monitoring, Spare Music, and Cosynd, with more services to be added in the future.

To provide more background on the A2IM Benefits Store, the organization will host two webinars on Wednesday, August 9, at 12 PM and 3 PM ET. As part of the launch, A2IM is partnering with “Nashville is Not Just Country Music” on their upcoming Writers Round and Networking event this week in Nashville.