AI-generated music platform Mubert says its catalog now surpasses 100 million songs

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AI Platform Mubert Catalog

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Photo credit: Mubert

The AI-generated music platform Mubert states that their catalog now has 100 million songs and only uses licensed music as input.

Mubert, a pioneer in AI-generated music, has reported that its users have created over 56 million tracks and initiated 44.2 million streaming sessions, with more than 100 million songs using only licensed music as input. In comparison, the complete Spotify The catalog also contains 100 million titles.

The most popular genres among the 100 million titles generated by mother were lo-fi, ambient and chill – genres best suited to accompany most online content consumption: streams, shows, interviews, short films and podcasts.

The platform enables music generation via the Mubert API available to paying B2B customers, Mubert Play, a mobile app with multiple channels and genres, and Mubert Render, the latest core product to be launched in 2022.

“We are pleased that Mubert is able to meet the demand for legal and high-quality music to meet the needs of the creator economy,” said Alex Mubert, co-CEO and founder of Mubert. “AI-generated music fits with this strong growth: streams, podcasts and shows are unimaginable without music, and Mubert enables the generation of an unlimited amount of music of any duration and any genre, tailored to the needs of the creator’s economy.”

Mubert developed its first generative music AI in 2017, making it one of the first solutions of its kind. The company established legal relationships with music creators who are paid to contribute audio samples to train the AI. Now Mubert maintains a library of 2.5 million proprietary sounds to train his algorithms.

The company’s work satisfies all legal and royalty requirements due to its established relationships with music creators, as all musicians who contribute to derivative content by “spiking” the input of its AI are paid for their work. Agencies, bloggers, streamers, and corporations use Mubert to generate unique music tracks across genres based on text queries that can take hours to complete.