Android gets Apple Music Classical app ahead of iPad and Mac

Photo credit: 9to5Mac

Apple Music Classical appears to be getting an Android app ahead of other Apple products. With this step, Apple is consolidating its mobile-first strategy.

Apple acquired Primephonic in 2021 to leverage the platform’s extensive metadata search to build its own classical music offering. Apple Music Classical launched exclusively for iOS earlier this year. Now Android classical music fans can join in as long as they have an Apple Music subscription.

In the past, Apple has made sure to add new offerings to its lineup first. By bringing Music Classical first to a competing operating system, Apple is showing that mobile growth is more important than easy access for those already in the ecosystem.

Apple Music Classical is Not yet available on iPad or Mac, nor can it be viewed with CarPlay. The app is available to download now from the Google Play Store and works just like it does for iOS users: anyone with an Apple Music subscription can download the app and listen to classical music.

Primephonic was platform agnostic when Apple acquired the service, so it’s likely that the technical guts for this rollout were easy to pull off. Now that the app is available for Android, the team behind the Apple Music Classical app can focus on developing more experiences. One of the main complaints about the current experience is that there’s no iPad or Mac app available. The app can be downloaded on an iPad, but there’s no optimized layout, making it unwieldy.

Other features that classical music fans have been asking for in the app include the ability to download music to their device, music queuing to listen to entire works, and some sort of autoplay feature for an endless stream of classical music add at work, exercise or entertainment. With the Android app finally available, these wishlist requests may continue to evolve.