APM Music Inks Partnership With AI-Startup Incantio to Improve Catalog Discovery

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APM Music Has Partnered With AI-Startup Incantio to Improve the Music Discovery Of Its Catalog

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Photo Credit: APM Music

With the APM Music and Incantio partnership, the CEO of APM Music aims to achieve the goals of ‘illuminating artists’ work.’ Incantio implements AI technology to recommend music for licensing.

Adam Taylor, CEO of APM Music, explained how the music technology startup Incantio will assist APM Music in ‘illuminating artists’ work’ by allowing more accurate matches in music searches. The tie-up will provide more efficient music discovery via Incantio’s AI-powered technology.

“We have a tradition of partnering with technology companies which align with our goals. I am pleased to announce a new partnership with Seattle-based Incantio, an AI company whose founder is coming into the tech space after a long career in the music industry. By enhancing human abilities for music searching and editing through new technology, we can better serve our libraries, composers, and clients,” said Taylor.

Danny Newcomb, cofounder and CEO of Incantio, said, “APM has a great catalog of music, and we are excited to work with them both for their long experience in working with content creators as well as building a successful production music business,”

Incantio startup aims to ‘amplify human creativity, (by) building a marketplace based on recommendations that connect musical artists with content creators.’ Incantio’s core focus is to improve the music discovery process, leveraging AI recommendation tools to surface relevant tracks.

Jointly owned by Sony Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing Group, APM Music is the largest aggregator of production music in North America, featuring a catalog of one million plus tracks produced by the industry’s most respected and admired libraries, including KPM Music, Bruton, Sonoton, Cezame, and Kosinus.

The partnership is APM Music’s most recent move to continually augment and refine its search capabilities, providing new opportunities to track within its significant catalog. Last month, APM Music inked a similar partnership with the personalized gaming music platform Reactional Music to allow developers to search for and access fully licensed, high-quality production music through the Reactional Music platform as they build their games.