Bad Bunny’s Spider-Man film El Muerto has been pulled from Sony’s release schedule

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Bad Bunny The Dead

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Photo credit: coolcaesar / CC from 4.0

Bad Bunny’s Spider-Man film El Muerto has been pulled from Sony Pictures’ release schedule due to the superstar’s touring schedule and the ongoing WGA strike making it difficult to set a release date.

Sony Pictures has REMOVED from its release schedule The dead, the Spider-Man spinoff film starring Bad Bunny and directed by Jonas Cuarón. The Columbia Pictures film will mark the first time a Latino character has starred in a Marvel live-action film.

In October, Sony and Marvel announced that Cuarón would direct and Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer would write the screenplay. The dead follows a character from the Spider-Man universe, an anti-hero and “the son of a luchador who will next inherit the ancestral power of ‘El Muerto.'”

While the film is still in development, the studio had already planned a release The dead hits theaters on January 12, 2024. Sony Pictures said it was difficult to set a release date for the film due to Bad Bunny’s busy touring schedule and the ongoing WGA strike.

However, the release date remains for The dead With the change still up in the air, the releases of several other films are being postponed as a result: The Book of Clarence from Legendary Pictures, starring LaKeith Stanfield and directed by Jeymes Samuel, will be in theaters January 12, 2024 rather than September 22, 2023; stupid money from Columbia Pictures, the true story of the GameStop short-seller, starring Paul Dano and directed by Craig Gillespie, is out September 22, up from the October 20 launch date.

Meanwhile, Bad Bunny recently narrated Rolling Stone that he felt bad about his reaction the day after he threw a fan’s phone in the bushes when she jumped in front of him for a selfie. But he wishes more people would talk about the fact that the phone didn’t break when he threw it.

“Bro, the phone didn’t break. It exists. It bothers me that people didn’t say that,” said the Puerto Rican superstar. “I didn’t throw the phone in the water. I threw it in some bushes,” he explains, adding that the woman picked up the phone where it landed. “She has it. She should upload the video.”