Bamboozle Festival ticket holders are stunned – there’s no refund in sight after the abrupt cancellation

The Bamboozle Festival was abruptly canceled after New Jersey authorities refused its final permit. Now fans say they’re getting ripped off with refunds too.

“After extensive discussions, we have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel Bamboozle 2023,” the organizers told potential attendees. “An incredible amount of time, dedication, passion and hard work has gone into making this comeback a success. Thank you to everyone who supported this festival. Refunds should be requested at time of purchase.”

But many fans have taken to social media to explain that requesting a refund doesn’t mean it will happen. A fan posted a screenshot of an email conversation about refunds. “The refund process will start on May 1st, 2023 and can take up to 90 days to get your money back. Ticket buyers like you can and must request a refund upon purchase,” the email said.

“If this does not result in a refund from one of our ticketing platforms, you can get a full refund by contacting your bank or credit card company,” the email continued. The person who sent the email said they couldn’t get anyone to start the refund process.

“The Bamboozle scam continues. “BAM Ticketing will not refund fans upon purchase and Bamboozle shirks responsibility and urges fans to contact their bank instead,” the fan said explained. The festival could not go ahead after Atlantic City officials refused to grant final approval for the event due to organizers’ inability to meet the schedule given to them.

“We requested this information months in advance to protect the city and Atlantic City taxpayers,” City Administrator Anthony Swan said of the cancellation. “The event was getting closer and those issues were still unresolved.”

Fans bought $400 worth of three-day tickets as festival organizer John D’Esposito promised an extensive lineup of musicians. Many ticket holders also contacted the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs to report false advertising and the inability to request a refund for the canceled festival.