Band Releases AI Version Of Their New Album, Challenges Fans To Decide Which Is Better

Photo credit: Nub Music

Indie band The Pocket Gods puts AI and fans to the test with the release of a double album. One was recorded by the band in a studio, the other was generated by AI. Both albums are available to listen to.

The Pocket Gods are known for pushing the boundaries of the music industry, especially as technology and time went hand in hand. The band formed in 1998 while working at Tower Records in London. Since then they have uniquely released a collection of 76 albums including the album Plant-based digital. There is only one vinyl copy of this album available for sale – for £1million.

Digital Music News has also reported on the band’s previous attempts to advocate for fairer royalties from streaming services. They released a number of 30-second song albums because Spotify only pays royalties after the first 30 seconds when streaming. This release campaign was also featured in the movie, Inspired: The 30 Second Song Story, which can be viewed on Plex and YouTube.

“We see a lot of musicians and artists are scared of AI and what it could mean for their careers, but I say the real fear is the concern for the store or factory workers who lose their jobs,” adds frontman Mark Christopher Lee added. “We’ve been using computers and AI to some extent in music recording for a while. There’s no reason to see it as a threat, but it can be a useful tool in the creative process.”

“As we think these two albums show, you can’t use AI to recreate the complexities of the creative spirit, much less the rebellious rock ‘n’ roll spirit that has always fueled pop music,” Lee continues. Curious on the albums? You can listen to that album recorded in the studio and the AI generated album on Spotify and decide for yourself what sounds better.