BeatStars and Lemonaide announce partnership in the field of “Ethically-Sourced AI”.

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BeatStars Lemonaide

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Photo credit: BeatStars

BeatStars and Lemonaide form a strategic alliance to set standards for “ethical AI music creation”. Here’s the latest.

BeatStars and Lemonaide hope their strategic alliance will set the ethical standard for adopting artificial intelligence in the music industry. The two companies are committed to using only ethically sourced AI. But what does that mean? “This means the AI ​​will be trained by a volunteer community of producers who are compensated for sharing their work and whose feedback is openly welcomed,” reads the BeatStars blog post announcing the alliance. “Our approach, as always, is to treat our community as partners.”

Ethical AI also means limiting AI’s role in the creation process to short musical ideas that trigger inspiration and push creative boundaries, helping producers break out of “beat blocks” rather than creating entire rhythms.

“There are companies right now that are taking a more covert approach to training datasets and taking advantage of artists,” said Michael “MJ” Jacob, co-founder and CEO of Lemonaide. “I started out as a musician and will do everything in my power to ensure we protect the musician, especially with technologies like AI.”

Jacob says AI is making its way into music production, whether artists like it or not. But BeatStars and Lemonaide are committed to making sure technology is empowering, not destructive, to artists. “We want to be the company that defines the right ways to leverage new technological advances, leverages AI in helpful ways, and always keeps the artist at the center as the ultimate decision-maker,” Jacob continues.

“I founded BeatStars out of a personal passion to help creatives in any way I can, whether it’s helping them generate new revenue streams or giving them new tools to inspire their best work.” adds Abe Batshon, Founder and CEO of BeatStars. “MJ and the Lemonaide team share the same passion and mindset – we share a common mission to support and protect creators while empowering them to create the best music.”