Begun, The Podcast Creator Wars Have—Spotify’s New Podcasting Features Arrive Just Days Behind Apple

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Spotify for Podcasters

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Photo Credit: Spotify

Just days after Apple introduced new features aimed at podcast creators, Spotify has previewed its changes. Here’s a peek at what’s new in Spotify for Podcasters.

One of the first new features is giving creators the ability to curate listeners’ introduction to their podcast on the platform. No matter where the show is hosted, podcast creators will be able to link social accounts from their bio. That mimics the Linktree integration Apple Podcasts is getting for creators to highlight best episodes and more.

Spotify says in a study of podcast listeners, 70% say they feel invested in the success and well-being of their favorite hosts. To that end, the show page bio will get new features to allow you to recommend episodes as a starting point, or to share the show’s fandom with potential new listeners. You can also feature content from other podcast creators in a feature called “Host Recommendations.” Spotify will allow up to two pieces of content from other creators on Spotify (podcast, music album, playlist, or audiobook) to be featured on the “More Like This” tab.

This gives creators the opportunity to cross-promote their show with another to reach a new audience, or curate a playlist to go along with the podcast for listeners to enjoy. For creators who frequently guest on other podcasts, it’s a great way to highlight those episodes, too.

Spotify is also adding a way to feature paid episodes prominently to drive subscriptions. For creators using Spotify Open Access and partners like Patreon, creators can activate a promotional banner guiding free listeners to subscriber-only content to help create new subscribing fans.

Apple focused heavily on podcast analytics for its new offering and Spotify won’t be left out in the cold. It says creators on the platform will soon be able to see the total number of impressions for a show and impressions for individual episodes over a 30-day period. That includes trending data and a breakdown of where on Spotify those impressions were generated—either from Spotify Home, Spotify Searach, or Spotify Library.