blackx acquires catalog of award-winning Asian hits by Taiwanese songwriters Frances Wang and Zhong Yan

Credit: blackx

blackx is acquiring a catalog of over 230 songs by renowned Taiwanese songwriters Frances Wang and Zhong Yan, including award-winning Asian hits by artists such as Faye Wong, A-Mei, Oaeen and others.

blackx, one of Asia’s music investment pioneers, has acquired a catalog with publishing rights to over 230 songs by acclaimed songwriter Frances Wang, Zhong Yan 王中言.

Over the course of her illustrious 30-year career, Frances has compiled a catalog of award-winning hits performed by top Asian artists including:

  • Wakin Chao
  • Ni Shuo De Dui You are right
  • Mavi’s fan Xiao Xuan
  • Hao Xiang Tan Lian Ai I really want to fall in love
  • Tiger Huang Xiao Hu
  • Bu Zhi Shi Peng You are more than just friends
  • Rene Liu Liu Ruoying
  • Da Le Yi Ba Yin Shi Gei Ni
  • Oaen Fish Thread
  • Xin Qing Dian Ti mood elevator
  • William So Su Yongkang
  • Nan Ren Bu Gai Rang Nu Ren Liu Lei
  • Wan Fang Wan Fang
  • Ye Zhao Liang Le Ye The night illuminates the night
  • Faye-Wong
  • Juan Lian
  • Sky Wu Si Kai
  • Ji Mo Gong Lu Lonely Road
  • Zhang Hui Mei (A-Mei)
  • Bu Xiang Ge Da Ren does not look like an adult
  • Jeff Zhang Xin Zhe Zhang Xinzhe
  • Bu Yao Dui Ta Shuo Don’t tell her
  • Zhou Chuan Xiong (Xiao Gang) Zhou Chuanxiong
  • Nuan Feng

Taiwan-based Frances is a highly influential figure in the Chinese music industry and is much sought after for her distinctive style of poetic prose that expresses complex emotions. Her creations are characterized by a profound and delicate lyrical style.

“It is extremely rewarding to be able to work with blackx on its strategy to enable both artists and investors to participate equally and efficiently in the Asian music economy,” said Frances.

“blackx’s creator-centric approach to sourcing, creating, distributing intellectual property and amplifying content is compelling and exciting for artists and content creators alike.” I look forward to expanding our collaboration even further in the future.”

Frances has embraced artistic challenges alongside songwriting and is a multidisciplinary creator, spanning filmmaking and music production as well as book authoring. Frances is currently working on a film script.

“As a seasoned and well-loved music industry veteran, Frances’ lyrics have depth and emotion that appeal to genres and ages. Your catalog will provide us with a massive amount of distinctive, out-of-the-box content to work with, learn how to transform and amplify into different formats and promote across platforms,” says Garand Wu, Blackx President for Greater China .

“At blackx, we will work with creators to expand and optimize the breadth of their assets across their properties and business segments so we can maximize the lifespan and revenue potential of these musical assets.”

This collaborative approach will enable future creators to generate more valuable and compelling music content with the support of blackx through artist and repertoire management, publishing, marketing, promotion, and more creative and commercial efforts.