British music industry unilaterally agrees to improve music metadata

Credit: Seb Doe

The UK music industry has unilaterally agreed to improve the streaming metadata delivered to DSPs such as Spotify and Apple Music.

A agreement Prepared by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) with the help of music industry experts, the document has been reviewed and signed by BPI, AIM, ERA, MMF and Hipgnosis Songs Fund. The hope is to improve incomplete or inaccurate metadata, which can lead to delays in paying creators to use their works.

The voluntary agreement represents a positive commitment from stakeholders across the UK music streaming industry to progressively improve metadata in new recordings and ensure consistent crediting across streaming services over a two-year period.

in addition to these obligationsAlso, the government is setting up a working group to review and review industry-led measures to reward existing and prospective creators, recognizing recent advances by music companies in this area.

“I am delighted to announce today the release of the UK Industry Agreement on Music Streaming Metadata,” added Viscount Camrose, Secretary of State for AI and Intellectual Property. “This has been a fantastic collaboration between industry experts and the Intellectual Property Office. Good quality metadata benefits everyone who creates and enjoys music. The metadata agreement is a positive commitment from the music industry to improve the quality of metadata in the UK.”

“AIM’s priority remains that artists are properly rewarded for their creativity, while ensuring that those who invest in and support them have sustained successful business models,” added Silvia Montello, CEO of the Association of Independent Music (AIM), added. “We are also committed to ensuring that the growing DIY industry is heard.”

“The Metadata Agreement is a step in the right direction and creates workable industry-wide standards to improve the accuracy of payments and the flow of data in streaming. A win for the Compensation Group will be that all stakeholders work together in a positive way, not just creating new ‘winners’ and ‘losers’, but understanding the bigger picture and achieving fair results that benefit creators and rightholders across the industry. By working together instead of in individual silos, we can make a more positive difference.”