Bumble bolsters Spotify integration with Top Artists feature.

Photo credit: Jonathan J. Castellon

Spotify is expanding its Bumble integration with features that allow users to compare their top artists on Spotify to a potential Bumble match.

Dating platform Bumble has had Spotify integration since 2016, allowing members to link their Spotify account to their profile. Now, Bumble’s new Top Artists feature. retrieves artists from a user’s Spotify top 50 and displays the top 10 artists on their Bumble profile – allowing a potential match to see which top artists they have in common.

Users can only see Mutual Artists if a potential match has their Spotify account linked, and if the potential match does not have any Top Mutual Artists, the profile will display as usual. Bumble users can edit their top 50 by going to the profile editor and hiding any top artists they don’t want visible. Users can also disable the new feature entirely.

Most Bumble users in the US have linked their Spotify accounts to their profiles, with Generation Z users more likely to adopt the feature than other generations. Additionally, Bumble says users whose Spotify profile is linked are more likely to receive a right swipe.

“Despite the popular belief that opposites attract, research has consistently shown that similarities in important areas like values ​​and lifestyles are actually key to a successful romantic relationship,” says Shan Boodram, sex and relationships expert at Bumble.

“Discovering that you and a potential romantic partner love the same artist is a fun and quick way to establish common ground, while also providing a natural transition to start other important conversations about a person’s priorities and passions.”

While music may not be a deal-breaker for some people, many find it easier to find common ground with a potential romantic partner with whom music preferences match. At the very least, finding out that a potential partner also likes that niche band you thought no one else knew about serves as a good conversation starter.