Cardi B Won’t Face Charges in Mic Smiting Incident

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Cardi B mic smiting

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Photo Credit: j_blizzyy / Pop Nation / TMX

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has confirmed Cardi B will not face charges in her mic-smiting incident.

The rapper hurled a mic into the crowd as furiously as Zeus hurls a thunderbolt—with the caveat that cameras caught Cardi B’s performance. She was on stage at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas on July 29 when an audience member flung water onto her on stage after she said she was hot. The rapper threw the microphone at whoever she thought threw the drink.

On July 30, someone came forward to report a battery at the same location. “According to the victim, she was attending an event at the 3500 block of Las Vegas Boulevard. During a concert, she was struck by an item that was thrown from the stage.” Cardi B never publicly responded to the mic-throwing incident and it looks like it’s off the table for the Las Vegas police department, too.

“After a thorough review of this case and with the consultation from the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, this case has been closed as having insufficient evidence. No charges will be filed in relation to this case,” the statement to Digital Music News reads.

Videos of the incident have made their rounds online with audio. The woman who threw the drink at Cardi apologizes to her, but is escorted out by security after the rapper hurls the mic. Cardi B left the stage after issuing some strong words to the offender. While this incident has Cardi B throwing something into the stage—it highlights how unhinged crowds have become after the pandemic.

Bebe Rexha, Harry Styles, and more have been hit in the face while performing on stage. Adele threatened to beat anyone’s ass who throws something at her while she’s performing. The problem is these incidents inspire copycat incidents because they get such attention online on social media.