“Cinq Music Goes On ‘Regional Mexican Hot Streak’ Line With Street Mob Records Deal”

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Cinq Music enters into strategic partnership with Street Mob Records

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Photo credit: Five Music

Cinq Music has announced a new partnership with Street Mob Records to cement its dominance in the regional Mexican genre.

Street Mob Records was founded by chart-topping Fuerza Regida’s lead singer Jesus Ortiz Paz. This new partnership includes ambitious plans to support the Street Mob roster’s exposure, new talent discovery and forthcoming new music releases. The debut release from the new partnership is “Yo Preferí Chambear” by Chino Pacas, which was released earlier this month.

“We’ve worked with Cinq for years and know they’re committed to the genre,” adds Ortiz Paz. “It’s only natural that we would work with them to grow and expand Street Mob – by combining their infrastructure, experience and reach with our talent.”

Street Mob Records began working with Cinq Music through the label’s longstanding partnership with Rancho Humilde and Jimmy Humilde. The new partnership extends that relationship with a dedicated team built around Street Mob’s own efforts.

Street Mob Records hopes to nurture the new breed of regional Mexican music acts that will bring the genre to a global audience. Chino Pacas has become a powerful voice and representative of the emerging corridos tumbados genre. He reached #8 on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart with his hits “Dijeron Que No Lo Iba a Lograr” and “Los Verdes.” His latest hit “El Gordo Trae Mando” appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and spent 14 weeks on the Mexico Songs chart. He has amassed over 250 million streams on Spotify and 100 million on YouTube.

The record label’s impressive roster includes Mexican singer-songwriter Juanpa Salazar, Calle 24 and Angel Tumbado.

“We’re betting on people, not just music, and it’s evident that Jesus Ortiz Paz will carry his success as an artist to his label,” adds Barry Daffurn, President of Cinq Music. “We are excited to be working with Street Mob Records to accelerate their growth. Cinq already brings billions of streams to the music world every month – now we’re adding even more fuel to the music fire with these important artists.”