Collaborative music creation platform raises $7 million

Photo credit: has announced that it has closed its seed funding round, raising $7 million. The round was led by Forerunner with participation from super{set} startup studio Ulu Ventures.

The service launched in November 2022 as a collaborative platform for music producers to store, version and track all of their music files. They can collect time-stamped feedback on audio files, communicate with iOS and Android apps on the go, and manage their songwriting and recording splits. uses generative AI to enrich and augment a musician’s creative process with Boombot, a friendly AI-powered collaborator that generates new ideas and fleshes out sub-ideas to make music production more dynamic, faster and smarter. Boomboot can help users spit out lyrics and song titles, suggest chord progressions, and turn them into MIDI files that creators can plug directly into their digital audio workstation (DAW). Specially designed workflows also allow developers to track and manage their AI-generated ideas and collaboratively develop them on the fly.

The $7 million in seed funding will allow to grow its team, accelerate product development, establish new partnerships, and continue to serve a base of dedicated and fanatical first-time customers.

“As a musician and engineer, I felt like the creator economy had been hyped for a long time and lacked tools for creators,” said co-founder and CEO Tom Chavez. “Our goal was to create a platform that would give music creators an all-in-one platform to collaborate like GitHub, connect like LinkedIn, and monetize music.”

“There are many tools that solve small problems in the creative process, but ours is the first end-to-end solution that we know of that enables music creators to collaborate, connect and monetize their art.”

As works to become the standard platform for music creators to collaborate worldwide, this year plans to release a desktop app for file backup, automating submissions to performing rights organizations (PROs), and video capabilities to support live Sessions with cooperation partners.

“It’s what so many of us have been waiting for: a system for musicians to help us create beautiful art and take it out into the world.” adds Lucas Banker, head of partnerships at and a longtime music producer who has worked with Selena Gomez, Sting and others. “It’s like Dropbox on steroids, but with so much more, developed by people who know how music is made.”