Colleen Ballinger, aka YouTube personality Miranda Sings, denies allegations of sexual molestation by minors

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Colleen Ballinger

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore / CC from 3.0

Colleen Ballinger, the YouTube creator behind character Miranda Sings, has publicly responded to allegations that she formed inappropriate relationships with underage fans.

YouTube content creator Colleen Ballinger, whose character Miranda Sings brought her internet fame, has publicly responded to allegations that she formed inappropriate relationships with underage fans. Ballinger posted a video Wednesday on her YouTube channel, Colleen Vlogs, in which she denied the allegations made against her – mostly in song while playing a ukulele.

“Some people say things about me that are just not true,” Ballinger says at the beginning of her 10-minute video. “Although my team strongly advised me not to say what I’m going to say, I realized that they never said I wasn’t allowed to sing about what I wanted to say.”

“I used to message my fans – but not in the creepy way that many of you are trying to imply,” she says of the early days of her YouTube career. “It was more of a loser way. I just tried to be best friends with everyone.”

While Ballinger admitted that “there were times in DM’s when I shared too much,” she says that she “changed my behavior and took responsibility.”

“I thought you wanted me to take responsibility / but that’s not the point of your mob mentality / your goal is to ruin the life of the person you despise / while dramatizing your lies and monetizing their downfall,” sings Ballinger.

“I’m sure you’re disappointed in my shitty little song / I know you wanted me to say I was 100% wrong / Well I’m sorry I won’t go that route / Admitting lies and rumors that you’ve made up for your influence,” she sings in another verse.

Colleen Ballinger claims that she clarifies that her Miranda Sings content is “PG-13” content and that the videos are not available on the YouTube Kids app. She says it’s the responsibility of parents to decide what is and isn’t appropriate for their children.

Meanwhile, allegations against Ballinger first surfaced three years ago, as reported by NBC News. In 2020, YouTuber Adam McIntyre made a video in which he claimed that Ballinger formed “an inappropriate personal friendship” with him when he was between the ages of 13 and 16, which he says also included her ” as a joke” sent underwear. He claimed Ballinger gave him access to her social media, helped her come up with content ideas, and they exchanged text messages for years.

Ballinger admitted to making “tasteless jokes” and “stupid mistakes,” but adds in her video, “Was it my intention to manipulate? NO.”

“I never had bad intentions,” she continued. “But I feel like shit.”

McIntyre responded to the video with a tweet, writing, “As much as Colleen discredited and poked fun at me, I’m glad her video did one thing: show you all exactly what a bad woman she is , which many of us.” I’ve witnessed behind the scenes for the last few years. The mask has slipped; Guys, meet the real Colleen Ballinger.”