Concord and Pulse Music Group announce joint label, focus on nurturing new talent and sign ‘artists who helped redefine genres’

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(L-R) Scott Cutler, co-CEO of Pulse Music, Ashley Calhoun, president and head of creative, and Josh Abraham, co-CEO who will lead Pulse Records. Photo credit: Hunter Simpson

Concord and Pulse Music Group officially launched Pulse Records, and veterans TikTok, Atlantic Records and Alamo Records have signed on in leadership roles.

Nashville-headquartered Concord (which has held a significant stake in Pulse Music since early 2020) emailed DMN this morning about its newly formed joint venture, having previously announced plans to acquire additional catalogs and develop in-house labels .

With Pulse Music responsible for the debut label’s “A&R, creative and marketing services” itself, core ICE member Concord will “provide a global footprint, financial resources, administration and label services,” the companies said. Due to Concord’s “longstanding relationship” with Universal Music Group (UMG), the major label is now ready to take over distribution from Pulse Records.

On the staff side, Pulse Music co-founders Scott Cutler and Josh Abraham, 15, are set to lead Pulse Records alongside Ashley Calhoun, who has served as Managing Director (and former Rondor Music/UMG boss) for around eight years is.

Additionally, former TikTok music marketing executive and Mtheory executive Lauryn Caldwell has joined the just-announced label as SVP and head of marketing, while former Atlantic Records marketing pro Sara Ahmed is now marketing vice president of Pulse Records.

Finally, Artist Publishing Group veteran Tizita Makuria (who has been with Pulse Music since November) was tapped as VP of Creative for Pulse’s publishing unit and eponymous label, with former Alamo Records A&R boss Bel Mesbahi officially taking over was appointed creative director of A&R for the Pulse label and the company’s publishing division.

In a roughly 230-word joint statement, the aforementioned co-founders and co-CEOs of Pulse Music Group, Scott Cutler and Josh Abraham, emphasized their plans to bring new talent to the fore while signing commercially well-known artists to their company’s label. (Pulse Music is currently said to have “more than 250 active customers.”)

“In addition to nurturing emerging talent,” the two shared in part, “we have plans to work with artists who have helped redefine genres with whom we have built very strong relationships over the years that will soon grow out of theirs.” existing contracts.” There is a lot of goodwill for PULSE in the community.”

And in his own remarks, Concord exec Bob Valentine, now in his 20s (who will begin as CEO on July 1st, as CEO), said: “Scott, Josh, Ashley and the team at PULSE have done a wonderful job collaborating with Concord on the release of some of the highest charting songs in the world.

“Recognized as one of the world’s leading frontline creative teams and premier incubator for culturally relevant music, PULSE Music Group is a company that Concord continues to admire greatly and we could not wish for more exceptional business partners in forming.” PULSE Records” , locksmith.