Drake’s lavish e-commerce game Air Drake includes $415 socks and a $995 eye mask

Photo credit: Drew: The Come Up Show / CC from 2.0

To celebrate Air Drake’s anniversary, the singer is unveiling a lavish collection of comfortable clothing—including $415 socks, a $995 eye mask and more—inspired by Drake’s private jumbo jet .

Drake has released an expensive collection of comfortable clothing inspired by his private jumbo jet, prices that seemingly only apply to someone who also owns a private jet. In honor of the anniversary of his $185 million plane he unveiled in 2019, Drake unveiled the collection on his Drake related website — with cashmere Socks that cost $415a blanket that costs over $4,000 eye mask that costs $995and more.

“First class wherever you sit” is the Instagram slogan of Drake Related. “Experience the elevated luxury of Air Drake for the first time. @TheElderStatesman has created an exclusive line of hand spun cashmere socks, eye masks, loungewear and blankets for your onboard comfort. For a limited time, to commemorate Air Drake’s anniversary.”

“Drake must be crazy selling a pair of socks for $415.” wrote an angry fan on Twitter. “This shit better make me levitate,” wrote another.

While fans understandably balked at the prices – particularly for the socks and blankets – both versions of the Air Drake hoodie sold out almost immediately. The hoodie cost around $150, making it one of the more affordable items in the luxury apparel collection.

Drake’s custom-built Boeing 767 jumbo jet was built in 2019 with help from Canada-based company CargoJets. It features a theater/entertainment room, three fully enclosed master bedrooms and fully carpeted floors and can accommodate up to 45 people at a time.

“Supporting local businesses has always been my top priority. So when an opportunity arose to join a great Canadian company, it was an honor to do it,” Drake said at the time.