Duolingo Music Learning Coming Soon?—App Signs Point to Yes

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Duolingo Music app learning

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Photo Credit: Johnathan Chng

Language learning platform still has its sights set on teaching music with ‘Duolingo Music.’ Here’s the latest.

In March 2023, Digital Music News reported on Duolingo’s plans to integrate music into its offerings. It would follow the launch of Duolingo Math, which is aimed at strengthening mathematics skills. A job posting for a ‘Learning Scientist for Music’ offered, “come join us to help build a new Duolingo music app that promotes learning and is fun to use!”

Now it appears some references to Duolingo Music have snuck into the Duolingo app itself. Steve Moser posted some screenshots on Twitter of backend references from data mining that seem to indicate the music learning app will be a separate entity.

“Music-related images hidden in their mobile apps indicate that (Duolingo Music) will contain piano, drum, and sheet music lessons,” Moser says. Duolingo has around 74.1 million monthly active users and is growing rapidly as a place to learn languages, so why not music?

When asked for a comment on these hidden references, a Duolingo spokesperson says, “Duolingo is constantly experimenting with new features. We have no further details to share at this time.” Despite no further details, the app does have an upcoming Duocon event on October 11. It’s possible we’ll learn more information about Duolingo Music then.

Duolingo has branched out into separate learning apps for kids and the previously mentioned Duolingo Math. Daily active users for Duolingo increased from 13.2 million in Q2 2022 to 21.4 million in Q2 2023, a growth rate of 62% year-over-year.

Expanding its learning offerings into music will help the company reach even more active learners who are seeking help in learning music theory. Duolingo currently has around 5.2 million paid subscribers, a 59% increase over Q2 2022 (3.3M). Once Duolingo Music launches, it will be interesting to see how its availability impacts those growth numbers.