Ed Sheeran advocates frivolous copyright lawsuits – “Every single musician will agree with me”

Photo Credit: CBS Sunday Mornings

Ed Sheeran shares his experience after winning the Thinking Out Loud copyright infringement lawsuit.

Sheeran spoke about the experience on the CBS Sunday morning show, to speak openly with Seth Doane about the case. During the interview, Doane Sheeran asked how he felt when he first learned he was being sued for copyright infringement on the song. “I think it’s just the nature of the territory,” Sheeran says upon learning of the lawsuit.

“There are about four chords used in pop songs. And if you just think mathematically what the probability is that this song has the same chords as this song – there are several, several songs – then they are all the same four chords; You’re going to hear that on every single pop song from now on,” Sheeran continues.


“Unless it just stops, which I don’t think so, because taking things to court is a big money business. But you can only get caught when you do something wrong, and I didn’t do anything wrong. “I used four chords that are very commonly used,” the singer continues.

“It’s about heart and integrity and that’s why I fought for it; I can’t be blamed for anything I haven’t done. So I just had to prove that,” Sheeran said of the case winning in favor of him in court. Sheeran had previously testified that if he lost that lawsuit, he would quit music for good.

“I’m obviously very pleased with the outcome of this case and it looks like I won’t have to quit my job after all,” the singer joked about the comment. “But at the same time, I’m incredibly frustrated that baseless claims like this are even allowed to go to court.” Sheeran said it’s devastating to be accused of stealing someone else’s song when he describes himself as “just a guy with a guitar who loves to write music”.