Elton John testifies positively in Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault trial

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Elton John Kevin Spacey

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Photo Credit: Jay Baker/Maryland GovPics/CC by 2.0

Elton John and his husband have testified for the defense of actor Kevin Spacey in the high-profile sexual assault case.

Elton John appeared briefly before a London court via video from Monaco after his husband testified that Spacey had not attended a gala ball at their Windsor home. John was the last witness called by the defense. Kevin Spacey, 63, has pleaded not guilty to a dozen charges, including indecent assault and one count of inducing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity without consent.

One alleged victim says that while Spacey was driving to the White Tie & Tiara Ball in 2004 or 2005, Spacey grabbed his crotch so hard he almost ran off the road. Meanwhile, testimony in Spacey’s defense said he only attended the event in 2001. Photos from the event revealed only that Spacey was present during the 2001 event – with all guests photographed each year.

Elton-John added to this statement that Spacey only attended once in the 2000s. He arrived in England on a private jet flight and the performance was a surprise. “He was an Oscar-winning actor and there was a lot of fanfare and excitement that he was at the ball,” testified John’s husband David Furnish. Elton John added that Spacey spent the night after the gala at her home and that Spacey bought a Mini Cooper at the night’s fundraiser for the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

The alleged victim says he may have gotten the year wrong, but would not forget the incident. The victim claims the abuse began in the early 2000s and the incident in the car was the most recent occasion.

The victim threatened to hit Spacey and immediately dodged him. Spacey claims the two men were friends and had a romantic connection, but after learning the man was straight, he respected his wishes. Spacey claims he was devastated when he learned the man went to the police and said the man “re-imagined” consensual touching.