Engage-to-earn music platform Unitea raises $7 million

Photo credit: Unitea

Engage-to-earn music platform Unitea has announced $7 million in seed funding. The round was led by 1st Class Guernsey, Chaos Capital, TokenSociety and Fuel Venture Capital.

Unitea’s platform hopes to transform the way fans engage digitally with the music industry. The board includes Pitbull (Armando Perez) and Claud VonStroke (Barclay Crenshaw). Unitea has an in-app economy that encourages users to create content with artists’ music and brand filters to earn rewards. This playful system creates actionable data for artists and brands to deepen their connection with fans.

Since the start of the pre-seed round in 2020, Unitea has completed over 2,000 reward activations. Having completed the seed round, Unitea now intends to use the funds to expand its platform’s capabilities within the music industry and beyond. Unitea has partnered with Procter & Gamble to create engagement-to-earn platforms while also being active at 42 music festivals including Breakaway, Gem & Jam and Dirtybird Campout through the Unitea app.

How does Unitea work?

Fans on the platform share music and create content to earn digital tokens called Karma. These Karma Tokens can be redeemed for exclusive rewards ranging from custom digital assets, concert tickets to artist meet-and-greets. The tangible value of the reward helps drive engagement with fans and provides valuable data for artists and brands using the app.

“We cracked the code to achieve meaningful benefits through engagement-to-earn in music,” added Ketan Rahangdale, CEO of Unitea. “Unitea brings real purpose to digital assets throughout the interaction cycle, enabling artists and brands to organically nurture and grow a passionate following.”

“With the support of our investors, Unitea is able to make fan engagement more authentic in a way that benefits everyone in the ecosystem. Whether it’s a musician, an artist or a popular brand, Unitea makes it possible to gamify the engagement process and add value across the board.”