Epic Games Introduces IARC Age Ratings for All Fortnite Experiences

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Fortnite IARC rating

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Photo Credit: Epic Games / IARC

Epic Games will introduce age ratings via the International Age Rating Coalition into all first and third party playable content in Fortnite.

Epic Games will integrate age ratings for all of its Creative experiences in Fortnite, powered by the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC), beginning in November. The new system will apply to “all first and third party playable content” in Fortnite — meaning everything built in the game’s Creative mode, whether produced by Epic Games or players. The IARC works with organizations like the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and Pan European Game Information (PEGI).

“As Fortnite continues to evolve into a multi-game ecosystem featuring a diverse range of games and experiences from Epic and third-party creators, the IARC rating system gives parents and players access to trusted and familiar ratings that help them make informed decisions about what and how they play,” says Epic Games.

Creators will fill out the IARC content rating questionnaire before submitting their content for review and publication by Epic Games’ moderators. An age-based IARC rating will be applied to that content along with region-specific ratings from entities that include the ESRB and PEGI. Ratings will be automatically applied and prominently displayed on that content before it can be accessed.

“Content sensitivities vary by region and IARC’s scalable, global solution provides parents and players with trusted guidance from ESRB (North America), PEGI (Europe), ACB (Australia), USK (Germany), ClassInd (Brazil), and more depending on where they live,” says Epic. “Participating rating authorities may modify one or more of the ratings assigned based on their own review of the experience once it’s been published.”

Questionnaires will be available to creators beginning October 16, and any experience on Fortnite that remains unrated will be delisted on November 14. Epic says this is a “critical step toward building a metaverse that is safe and fun for everyone.” The company encourages players to fill out questionnaires for their created content as soon as possible, “so there are no missed opportunities to hang out on your island.”