Ernie Ball Music Man: New at NAMM 2023



Engineered for the modern gamer, the Kaizen is influenced by Tosin Abasis’ unique design aesthetic and playstyle. Now it is offered as a 6-string model. The Kaizen 6-string is an extension of the visionary collaboration between award-winning design team Ernie Ball Music Man and the virtuoso guitarist and manufacturer.

This new 6-string guitar has several advanced and innovative features:

multiscale – 24.75″ to 25.5″ (E to E or 1st to 6th string) Multi-scale design provides positive string tension for thick and chunky rhythms on the bass strings, with a traditional feel on the treble strings for smooth bends and solos

Infinity Radius Neck – Strategically positioned tapered radius increases comfort while providing better visibility of fingerboard and fret markers.

Steinberger Gearless Locking Tuner – Precise, lightweight tuners that rotate smoothly and allow for straight string pull.

New Music Man pickups – A special HT humbucker (heat treated) in the bridge position and a slanted mini humbucker in the neck position have been specially developed for the Kaizen.

Multi-scale tremolo – Super smooth modern Music Man tremolo with spring dampers to reduce unwanted overtones and ringing.

“Resolutely contoured” – Ultra light design, deliberately shaped body for extreme comfort, well balanced with unrestricted access to the frets.

The Kaizen is offered with an alder body, roasted maple neck and ebony fretboard. Both the Kaizen 6-string and Kaizen 7-string are available now in four unique finishes, including Apollo Black, and three 60-piece limited finishes, including Indigo, Mint and Chalk.

– Accessible April 2023


The Steve Lukather line of signature guitars gets a major overhaul this year with the launch of the all-new L4. Available in an HT SSS and HT HH configuration, as well as a 30th Anniversary Limited Edition featuring an HT HSS pickup configuration and Music Man floating double-locking tremolo. The L4 is the culmination of over 30 years of collaboration with platinum and Grammy Award-winning artist Steve Lukather, whose accomplishments include an extensive session career (guitarist on over 1500 recordings), a key contributor to the multi-platinum Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and leader and major contributor to legendary rock band Toto.

“On our never-ending quest for sound and fresh tones, the Music Man team implemented their new HT cartridges that really blew me away! Since we’ve had three versions of the guitar, the new Luke 4 model is a sonic step forward with its specially designed pickup technology. I love and use ALL the different MM versions of my guitar but this new one will impress! So many new sounds. Please watch and play and hear for yourself!”Steve Lukather

The L4 SSS is available in two new flavors: Blueburst and Redburst.
screenshot 2023 04 04 at 12 39 43 pm | Richmcculley
The L4 Maple Top is available in three new styles: 30th Anniversary Steamroller, Blue Flame, and Gator Burst.
screenshot 2023 04 10 at 10 59 57 am | Richmcculley

– Accessible Fall 2023

THE Stingray Special 2023

First introduced in 1976, the StingRay is considered one of the most legendary bass guitars in history. The flagship of the Music Man series, today’s StingRay Special retains the same defining traits as it did some forty years ago, including solid, roadworthy construction, the iconic oval pickguard, 3+1 and 4+1 tuning key configurations, and the ever-popular Music Man humbuckers that all combine to create a look, feel and remarkably distinctive sound.

For 2023, Music Man welcomes four new finishes including: Sea Breeze, Laguna Green, Pueblo Pink and Butter Cream. Each version features a rosewood fretboard and will be available in 4-string, 5-string, H and HH configurations.

screenshot 2023 04 04 at 12 41 12 pm 1 | Richmcculley

– Accessible Summer 2023

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