Farm Aid says Ticketmaster “abandoned” us after failing ticketing process.

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Comments by Farm Aid Ticketmaster

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Photo credit: Farm Aid

Farm Aid 2023 organizers criticized Ticketmaster on Twitter for its flawed ticketing process.

The September event will be held in Indiana, with general ticket sales taking place this weekend. However, numerous fans took to social media to complain about the checkout process, prompting organizers to call Ticketmaster on social media.

“Today’s presale for Farm Aid 2023 was a disappointment to many frustrated fans looking to purchase tickets and Farm Aid who wished it went smoothly,” the statement said begins. “From the excitement surrounding our announcement, we knew there was a high demand for tickets.”

Farm Aid 2023 has a stacked lineup that includes Neil Young, John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Dave Matthews, Allison Russell and many others. The live event raises funds to support family farmers across the state and has helped raise more than $60 million since its inception in 1985.

Customers who tried to buy tickets for the live event reported long queues, disruptions and payment problems due to numerous errors. “I wanted to go to Farm Aid, but thanks to the Live Nation and Ticketmaster dumpster fire, I was unable to select seats multiple times due to an error. Then, after too many attempts, I was thrown back into the 2K+ queue. “I’ve waited over an hour in vain,” one comment said reads.

“Hey Farm Aid, how about next year we put the show on a farm or green space to avoid having to use a monopoly’s facilities and ticketing system,” another commented suggests. “Just think how many farmers you could help with service fees alone.”

“I can’t create a platform that doesn’t run for a month without issues, but don’t worry, their CEO just signed a $140M deal to stay in place. “Michael Rapino great job buddy make the money,” reads another sarcastic comment, referring to Michael Rapino’s inflated pay package.