French Montana Inks Global Deal with Gamma After Reportedly Turning Down $20M Offer

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French Montana inks deal with Gamma

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Photo Credit: NRK P3 / CC by 3.0

Moroccan-American rapper French Montana has signed a global deal with Gamma. Here’s the latest.

Gamma Co-Founder & CEO Larry Jackson says he’s worked with the rapper for over ten years and is happy to cement the partnership. “His new documentary is a 10, and his new music is equally awesome. French Montana, in my opinion, is also the best hip-hop A&R of the past decade; his ability to get the best out of his artists and producers alike is truly second to none. He continually mystifies me with how he continues to A&R and produce diamond single after diamond single. He’s a real-deal triple-threat talent.”

The rapper shared his newest single called “Good Summer” earlier today, sampling Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go” and Nuskie’s “New Orleans Bounce.”

“Larry (Jackson), Breyon (Prescott), and I go way back,” adds French Montana. “What he’s built over the years at Apple is unmatched in the music industry, which is why I signed with .gamma. The moves they are already making as a company since they launched is incredible, especially the innovative way they are tackling African-born artists and their music.”

French Montana has racked up over 40 billion streams on digital streaming providers like Spotify—but that figure hasn’t been without controversy.

In 2020, a Twitter thread went viral alleging French Montana was getting fake streams on Spotify for his single, “Writing on the Wall.” Several of the accounts in the thread are from people who say their Spotify account was hacked and nothing was changed—except the French Montana song being added to playlists and played over and over. Hackers even unblocked Cardi B on some accounts since she featured on that track.

A VICE documentary peeking into the world of black market music streams reveals how music streaming farms work. It’s a peek behind the curtain at how some artists are able to game their way up the charts.