Gaming music platform Reactional Music partners with APM Music

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Reactional Music signs partnership with APM Music

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Credit: Fredrick Tendong

Personalized gaming music platform Reactional Music has announced an agreement with APM Music. Here’s the latest.

The newly signed deal with APM Music marks Reactional Music’s first foray into production music. APM Music will join Hipgnosis Song Management and make its catalog available through Reactional’s platform. Owned by Sony Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing Group, APM is the largest production music aggregator in North America with a catalog of 1.3 million tracks from 120 libraries.

APM Music’s placements in major game publisher projects include Activision, Electronic Arts, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Square Enix. His other recent production appearances include the HBO series The Last of Us and the films Bullet Train and Top Gun: Maverick.

Because production music is a key component of sound and music design in game development, the APM partnership enables developers to search for and access fully-licensed, high-quality production music through the Reactional platform during the development of their games. It also opens up a more efficient way of creating and prototyping gaming soundtracks, expanding music choices and ease of use for everyone.

Reactional Music is pioneering the convergence of games and music, allowing any music to be placed in a game and the visual, musical, and audio representation of the entire game to react live to that music. Something that was previously not possible.

“The addition of leading production music libraries is a significant step in the evolution of the Reactional platform.” adds David Knox, President of Reactional Music. “Working with leading rightsholders like APM Music allows us to support our game development partners more effectively by browsing, prototyping and testing hundreds of thousands of music scores, tracks and effects.” APM has an incredible reputation and extensive experience that comes from working together with many gaming companies around the world.”

Reactional says its technology will allow players to personalize their online personas and gameplay with their favorite music in the same way skins work. Personalized music promises a new revenue stream for artists, music rights owners and game developers. In 2021, in-game purchases accounted for 74% of all game sales and totaled $129 billion. Meanwhile, according to a report by Deloitte, 49% of gamers say their gaming hobby leads them to discover new music.