Garth Brooks Launches “The Big 615” With TuneIn Radio: “George Strait Followed By Luke Combs”

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Garth Brooks

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Photo credit: Glenn Francis / CC from 4.0

Garth Brooks Launches His Highly Anticipated Country Radio Station “The Big 615” – “George Strait Followed by Luke Combs” with TuneIn Radio.

Live radio leader TuneIn announces the exclusive launch of radio station The Big 615 from Garth Brooks’ SEVENS Radio Network. The Big 615 offers listeners an authentic interpretation of country music and showcases the biggest songs and artists of today.

“I think country listeners want to hear the latest from George Strait followed by the latest from Luke Combs. The latest from Ashley McBryde, followed by the latest from The Chicks,” says Garth Brooks.

Starting today, fans around the world can listen to The Big 615 for free on TuneIn. Storme Warren will be the official voice of The Big 615, bringing passion for the format and deep knowledge of the genre to the station, working with Brooks to drive the content. Guest presenters, including Brooks and other industry stars, will occasionally join Warren.

“Big 615 is dedicated solely to the love of country music,” Brooks said. “With The Big 615, we’re taking a more traditional approach. We’re proud of how the station sounds and want the whole world to hear what we think is the greatest format out there: country music.”

“Garth Brooks has an amazing vision for radio,” added Rich Stern, CEO of TuneIn. “At TuneIn, we’re honored to work with an artist like Garth to realize his vision and deliver an unparalleled experience for our listeners. We are even more excited to bring The Big 615 to our global listening community, offering them a unique destination to immerse themselves in the world of country music.”

“I love the fact that the station is from the home of country music,” concludes Brooks. “Broadcast from Music Row, the heart of Nashville and country music.”

Brooks’ SEVENS Radio will launch several stations on TuneIn this year dedicated to country music and more, all curated and conceived exclusively on TuneIn by Garth Brooks and his team at SEVENS Radio Network.

As the world’s largest live radio platform, TuneIn has over 75 million listeners in 122 countries, providing SEVENS Radio with access to a global audience. TuneIn’s technology is built into 200 different vehicles and devices, allowing listeners to enjoy radio stations on their phones, smart speakers, and cars.