Germany Reports 12% Streaming Growth in 2023, Reaching 1 Trillion All-Time Cumulative Streams

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Germany streaming growth 2023

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Photo Credit: GfK Entertainment / BVMI

Germany reports a 12% streaming growth in 2023, with German-language music now at over a trillion all-time cumulative streams.

Music streaming is still in an upward trajectory in Germany, as an evaluation by GfK Entertainment in partnership with the Federal Music Industry Association, Bundesverband Musikindustrie (BVMI) shows. With nearly 213 billion streams measured in 2023, that’s a 12% increase over that measured in 2022 — and almost double the amount measured five years ago. Adding up all the data since 2013, German-language music streams now exceed over a trillion.

Current music — that which was produced in the 2020s — contributed to more than half of all streams last year, at 52%. Nine of the ten most-streamed artists in Germany over the past decade were German-speaking. Songs from the 2010s accounted for 30% of all streams, while the 2000s accounted for 8%. Previous decades made up 10%.

“Audio streaming has deepened our relationship with music,” says Dr. Florian Drücke, CEO of BVMI. “Due to the time-independent and location-independent access, it potentially shapes every situation in our life, which underlines the again significantly increased number of measured streams to 213 billion.”

“It was never easier to broaden your own musical horizon, very specifically or en passant. In this way, music streaming also helps older titles to have a new or longer presence with old and new fans, which also means artists (gain) income over a significantly longer period of time than was the case in the purely physical market; an often overlooked basic added value for everyone involved.”

“Music streaming across the various platforms has continued to establish itself firmly in people’s everyday lives, continues its soaring — and in 2023 grew somewhat more than in the previous year,” adds Dr. Mathias Giloth, Managing Director at GfK Entertainment. “New records from acts such as Udo Lindenberg, Apache 207, and Taylor Swift, as well as newcomers like Nina Chuba, impressively demonstrate this. Especially at Christmas, the playlists ran hot with a record on the past Christmas Eve, the day with the most streams of all time — almost 830 million.”

GfK Entertainment and BVMI’s evaluation is based on paid and advertising-based streams from a 31-second-plus duration between January and December 2023.