Grimes deletes her Twitter account immediately after her debut on the AI ​​platform

Photo credit: Twitter

Grimes relies heavily on AI and appears to have deleted her Twitter account in the process. Or maybe Twitter did. Either way – it’s back for now.

The singer announced a 50/50 royalty split with anyone who released an AI-generated music track using her voice. Then she went a step further and published the tools that helped her to implement her new Elf.Tech project. It allows users to upload or record a cappella recordings that are converted into a GrimesAI version of your voice using the artist’s sound.

“This is all a beta test so it may be incomplete at first,” Grimes wrote on Twitter when announcing the new technology. “But! Let’s try this!”

Hours after her tweets disappeared, the star’s tweets resurfaced. It’s unclear if she deleted them herself or if something happened in Twitter’s infrastructure that marks them as deleted. From the looks of it, Grimes is once again promoting their AI project, featuring songs that now feature AI-created vocals.

“AI Grimes’ first compelling song is here,” reads one of the retweets on the artist’s official account. “‘in another life‘” features a lively and eerie Grimes AI blocking a borderline space between the Halfaxa and Visions eras, and it’s a blast. The future is wild,” the tweet continued.

“Of course, our software programs don’t understand or try to mimic any emotion, but they act as catalysts, egoless, nonthreatening, simple yet brilliant collaborators,” Grimes says of machine learning models in 2019. “They are agents that enable us to better share what we are only allowed to express.”

Grimes’ Elf. Tech Project also makes it easy for users to submit their works to DSPs. Songs with GrimesAI-1 vocals can be uploaded to DSPs for distribution at $9.99/year. Creators using their voiceprint agree to share an equal percentage of master recording royalties distributed across streaming services, on-chain marketplaces, and other DSPs.