Here we go again – Ticketmaster abruptly halts sales of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour in France, citing ‘a problem with a third party’

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Here we go again Ticketmaster abruptly halts sales of | Richmcculley

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Taylor Swift performs live. Credit: Ronald Woan

Following the widely publicized Eras Tour presale debacle in the US, Ticketmaster has abruptly suspended ticket sales for several Taylor Swift concerts in France.

Live Nation’s Ticketmaster recently took to social media to update the excited Swifties of the news – albeit without providing a specific explanation for the hanging in front of the gate. Then the company officially disclosed that the sale “has been postponed and tickets are still available,” and attributed the situation to “an issue with a third-party vendor who is working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

“Fans previously selected to participate in the presale will be informed directly of the new date and time of the presale,” Ticketmaster France clarified moments ago in a translation of the French message.

Ahead of this much-anticipated update, Ticketmaster France appeared to have warned yesterday afternoon of technical ticketing difficulties related to the relevant Eras Tour performances – including two additional performances in France announced last week along with 12 other dates in Europe. According to one Newsthe company urged fans to have “a little patience” while it prepares to send out the associated access codes and links.

Each of these codes/links should give recipients access to tickets for specific stops by the singer-songwriter in France. For example, this morning at 9am local time, those with codes would have had the opportunity to purchase passes to Swift’s Paris stops on May 9th and 10th, with tickets to shows scheduled for May 11th and 12th (also in Paris), according to the sale starts at 11:00 am on the Ticketmaster France website.

After all, tickets for Swift’s performances on June 2 and 3 in Lyon went on sale as early as 1 p.m. when obstacles thwarted plans.

“The Taylor Swift Sale | “The 9am and 11am Eras tour for Paris La Défense Arena has been put on hold,” according to Ticketmaster France wrote in a tweet that garnered a staggering 2.4 million views. “We will update you on the new sales hours as soon as possible. All codes that have not yet been used remain valid.”

(To ease the frustration of someone who is fed up fan Those who entered but did not check out with a code told AEG Presents France: “If your purchase was unsuccessful, your code will remain valid.”

Given the demand behind the financially successful tour – and the unprecedented outrage that swept across the US after the previously highlighted presale fiasco – it goes without saying that potential Eras Tour attendees are less than enthusiastic about the situation.

And while time will tell exactly how Ticketmaster fares, the Swifties don’t hesitate to detail their far-from-ideal experiences.

“I waited in line for an hour,” one person explained in a translation of the original remarks. “I was in the hospital two hours ago. 29,000 people ahead, when it’s finally my turn, I select my seat but can’t connect. Result: Back in first place, in line, with 770,000 people in front of me.”

“We did everything right, we took our tickets, they were in the cart, we were connected BEFORE on your website and your technical errors prevented us from buying our tickets!” vented another potential customer.