How to connect Spotify to Google Home – step by step

Photo credit: Sayan Majhi

You can easily play music from anywhere with a simple voice command by linking your Spotify account to Google Home.

Playing music from your Spotify account anywhere in your Google Home ecosystem is easy. How to connect Spotify to your Google Nest.

How to connect Spotify to Google Home

To connect your Spotify account to Google Home, download and open the Google Home app on your smartphone. The app recommends several available applications to connect with. Scroll through the available options until you see “Link Spotify.’ Alternatively, you can tap the + in the top left corner Music. Then select Spotify and “connect account.’

Next, Sign in to Spotify. You must agree to grant certain permissions to Google, e.g. B. Viewing your Spotify account information and Spotify activity, and taking actions on Spotify on your behalf. This allows you to let Google Nest control Spotify with your voice. Then tap “Agree‘ keep going.

Now ask Google to play something. For example, you can say: “OK Google, play Bad Bunny on Spotify.” If you want to ask Google to play something without having to say “on Spotify” every time, read on.

Here’s how to make Spotify your default music provider

So that you don’t have to tell Google to play your music on Spotify every time, you can do this Set Spotify as the default music player. When you first ask your Google Home speaker to play music on Spotify, you should be asked if you want to set it as the default music provider. Say ‘Yes,’ and you’re good to go!

You can also select or change this manually Default Music Provider in the Google Home app, which is handy if you’ve subscribed to multiple music streaming providers and don’t want to have to specify which voice command you want to use for each one.

From the Google home screen, tap Ideas Symbol. Then tap Music below Servicesand choose Spotify from the list of available options. Please note that this is not possible delete link Your Spotify account from Google Home if set as default music provider.

How to add multiple Spotify accounts to Google Home

Your Google Nest ecosystem can recognize different voices, so you can use them Google voice match to add more Google accounts to your system, which you can link more Spotify accounts to.

Alternatively, you can switch accounts from the Google Home app by tapping Ideas icon and Music under Services. Please note that you need to select a music provider other than Spotify as the default music provider for this to work properly, e.g. B. YouTube Music or Apple Music.