Infinite Canvas Announces $6M Funding for UGC Games

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Infinite Canvas Funding

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Photo credit: Infinite Canvas

Infinite Canvas announced today that it has raised $6 million in its latest funding round. The studio encourages and enables user generated content (UGC) on platforms like Roblox and Fortnite.

Now it is targeting the field of AI to promote and develop new UGC using AI technology. CreatureCraft is the latest project – a Discord game that has gained 100,000 users in a short period of time. GamesBeat reports that Bitkraft led the funding round, which included HBSE, Warner Music Group, J Ventures, Lightshed, Day One Ventures, Emerson Collective and Crossbeam. The company will use the funds to promote CreatureCraft and its other UGC games under its umbrella.

“We began to see and believe that (Generative AI) would be a revolutionary technology that would allow us to amplify our efforts to bridge the gap between gamers and developers – to our mission of transforming every player into a creator , to fulfill effectively. ” says Tal Schar, co-founder of Infinite Canvas.

“We raised $6 million to basically change the game, specifically in terms of the creator-consumer relationship – to ensure more consumers become creators,” adds Sebastian Park. “When we saw tools like GenAI coming out that offer more possibilities to the actors, we realized it could be one-to-one. Anyone who plays these games could also be a creator.”

“We are very excited to be on this journey with Tal and Sebastian,” adds Scott Rupp, Bitkraft Found General Partner. “Infinite Canvas will reshape the way gamers interact with games, creating a new level of personalization and creativity. Their combined experiences in game development, content creation, community building, IP management and media finance make them uniquely positioned to navigate the rapidly evolving virtual world.”

CreatureCraft is a Idle RPG that uses generative AI to create unique, player-designed maps. These AI-created cards can be used in battles or sold to earn in-game currency – much like virtual Pokémon cards.