Is Spotify DJ already on desktop? – No, not even with a redesign

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Is Spotify DJ already available on desktop?

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Photo credit: Spotify

The Spotify desktop experience is getting a facelift, but is Spotify DJ available yet? The short answer? nope

Spotify has redesigned the Your Library and Now Playing views of its desktop and web browser experiences. While the main content area remains the same, many changes to the library view bring the desktop experience in line with the mobile app.

The desktop experience now has a docked Your Library bar, giving you quick access to saved music and podcasts. Spotify says Initial user feedback has been positive as the new setup allows them to save time while watching playlists, podcasts and more. On the right side of the app is the Now Playing section, which shows a lot more information about the artist. This update now includes the ability to view tour dates and merch. Select podcasts allow you to follow a transcript as you listen.

Spotify has hidden the friends activity feed under a new “Friends” icon next to the profile picture in the top right. But is Spotify DJ available on the new desktop experience? Not yet.

Spotify has released the new Spotify DJ feature, which provides a curated selection of music along with track and artist commentary. The information comes from ChatGPT, while Spotify has used its Sonantic VoiceAI technology to create a realistic DJ for whatever content you are streaming.

The Spotify virtual DJ is modeled after Spotify’s cultural partnerships leader, Xavier “X” Jernigan. He was previously one of the hosts on Spotify’s first morning show, The Get Up. Now his voice is the first role model for the Spotify DJ, although Spotify says it will continue to innovate with new voices along the way.

Unfortunately, the experience is stuck on the iOS and Android apps for now. Will Spotify ever bring the DJ feature to desktop? Never say never – but the desktop experience has taken a backseat to mobile development in recent years.