It’s Jungkook vs Jungkook for Spotify Chart Supremacy

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Jungkook vs Jungkook

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Photo Credit: Min Kyung-bin / CC by 3.0

After his worldwide success earlier this year with the debut solo single ‘Seven,’ Jungkook is at it again with his latest release ‘3D,’ leading to the BTS member competing against himself on Spotify charts.

Jungkook is on a mission to outdo himself, but he might prove to be his own biggest competitor. With his global success earlier this year with his debut solo single, “Seven,” the BTS alumnus hopes to score another colossal hit with his latest single, “3D.” The track has already made an impressive debut on Spotify, but it’s finding itself trailing behind just two artists — and one of them is Jungkook.

“3D” opened at No. 3 on Spotify’s daily global chart, amassing 6.3 million streams on the day of its release, Friday, September 29. A second version of the song appears in the Top 40 as well, accruing 2.14 million streams, placing it at No. 38.

The No. 1 position continues to be held by Doja Cat’s “Paint the Town Red,” with 7.406 million plays. But Jungkook’s previous track, “Seven,” maintains a steady No. 2 on the chart, having racked up another impressive 7.403 million streams on Spotify in the hype generated by his second single’s release.

“Seven” has held a presence on Spotify’s daily global chart for almost 80 days, outperforming almost every other track in the world — including Jungkook’s latest offering.

Although “3D” achieved an impressive debut on the daily chart, it still falls short of surpassing the dominance of “Seven.” But if the catchy new track can hold its popularity across the next few days, it still has a strong chance of securing a debut on worldwide charts in the next few weeks. “Seven” enjoyed an impressive No. 1 position on Spotify, crowning itself one of the longest-charting hits since the platform made its list public. Jungkook also graces Spotify’s Billion Streams list—but not for his solo work yet.