Jack Harlow is placing CDs of the upcoming album in Louisville for fans to find

Credit: Jack Harlow/Instagram

Jack Harlow celebrates the release of his upcoming album by dumping CDs of the album along Bardstown Road in Louisville, Kentucky.

The rapper’s latest album, Jackman, was released on Friday, but to celebrate, Harlow had a surprise in store for fans. In the afternoon, he posted on Instagram that he would be laying out CDs of the new album along Bardstown Road for his fans to find. Harlow snapped a photo of some of the CDs and then began posting clues on social media for fans to find.

After According to local reports, at least some of the CDs were in the Douglass Loop area, others near the Impellizzeri. News reports from the area showed several people walking up and down Bardstown Road in Louisville in hopes of finding one of the CDs.

Fans who enjoy the music on traditional streaming services like Spotify are taking to social media to discuss the music. In the track “They Don’t Love It,” Harlow raps about being the best white rapper since Eminem, sparking some debate.

“Toughest white boy since the one who rapped about vomit and sweaters/ And hold back on the comments cause I promise I’m honestly better/ Than the one you just came up with/ They’re not cut out of the same cloth carved like him/They do not study or work to become as great as him,” the verse continues.

Though the song itself didn’t invite feedback on the verse, there was plenty of it on social media. His nomination for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist at the 2022 BET Awards sparked some controversy as Lil Nas X received no nominations. When asked why he deserved to be recognized at the BET Awards, he said: answered “I don’t know, maybe three of the biggest songs of the last year and a critically acclaimed album.” One of those songs was “Industry Baby,” a Lil Nas X song he featured on, but which earned Lil Nas X zero.