Jack “Wildchild” Brown and Miles Brown: funk, family and creative excellence

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Growing up in a creative family has its perks. Just ask today’s guests Jack “Wildchild” Brown and his son, actor Miles Brown, whom you may know from his breakout role on the hit ABC series Black.

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Welcome to The administration, a podcast featuring candid conversations with professional musicians, bringing listeners the unvarnished truth about life as an artist in the music industry. In tonight’s episode, host and LA-based DJ, producer and musician Dan Ubick (aka Constantine “Connie” Price) sits down with Jack and Miles Brown to discuss the duo’s various ventures into the entertainment industry.

Founding member of the cult hip-hop group Loot Pack, Jack recently released OMOWALE, his first solo album since 2014. The veteran rapper talks to his son Miles – stage name Baby Boogaloo – about the young actor’s burgeoning career in the arts and how an early exposure to music influenced his creative drive. “The funk, that was the first genre of music that I really liked because I danced to it – that’s what made me like it,” says Miles, whose fame dates back to childhood performances The Ellen DeGeneres Show And America’s Got Talent, where he performed as part of the dance duo Future Funk. “There were times when I didn’t play funk or whatever,” Jack recalls. “And literally,[Miles]would say, ‘Can we hear some radio?'”

In this episode of The administration, Jack and Miles take listeners through Miles’ exciting career, from dancing to acting to rap. Miles opens up about his role as the sensitive, introverted Jack Johnson Black, now in its eighth and final season, and reminiscing about his years as a child actor. “I was never like all those acting kids who take everything so seriously,” he says. “When I left the audition room, I just couldn’t concentrate on the audition anymore. I was just on the next fun thing of the day.”

The father-son duo also shares their respective projects in music and recording, including details on future releases. Miles talks about his musical inspirations, the best moments of his young career and why he’s constantly expanding his range of skills and interests. Towards the end of the episode, Dan, Miles and Jack have a very important conversation you won’t want to miss about the greatest rappers of all time. Tune in to this month’s episode The administration for a fascinating conversation about the power of funk, family and creative excellence.

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