Jay-Z landed $6.8 million in long-running battle with Parlux Fragrances

Photo credit: chickswithguns / CC from 2.0

Jay-Z has won another victory in his long-running legal battle with perfume company Parlux.

The rapper struck a deal with the fragrance company in 2012 to create a line called Gold Jay-Z. While initial sales skyrocketed, the product line soon faltered. Parlux sued the rapper in court, claiming the product line’s poor performance was due to Jay-Z’s failure to meet his promotional obligations. Those engagements included the 2014 launch event at Macy’s and promoting the product on Good Morning America. The lawsuit also alleged that Jay-Z kept a $20,000 prototype bottle after rejecting its design for use on the production line.

Parlux sought In 2016, a $68 million judgment was returned, but a counterclaim was filed alleging approximately $4.5 million in royalties owed.

Jay-Z’s counterclaim also alleged that Parlux Fragrances provided him with inaccurate filings regarding the company’s financial condition. This resulted in the company being unable to pay the license fees owed. The 2021 trial lasted three weeks, and a jury concluded that Jay-Z owed the fragrance company nothing.

In February 2022, an appeals court ruled that Parlux should be held liable for royalties paid to the rapper. “The record is clear: Parlux sold licensed products after July 31, 2015, but paid no royalties on those sales.”

New York Supreme Court Justice Andrew Borrok ruled that Parlux owed Jay-Z unpaid royalties. Despite its claims, the company continued to sell the “Gold Jay-Z” fragrance into 2017. Parlux to pay $6.8 million in unpaid royalties and interest. Parlux has the right to appeal in this case, but has not done so yet.

“We have been awarded the contract and will receive the money as intended,” said Jay-Z’s attorney Alex Spiro called in a comment to press. His attorney argued that Jay-Z had a year to complete the agreed-upon appearances and was not required to attend the fragrance’s launch event, despite complaints from Parlux Fragrances about his absence.