Jemele Hill makes it clear she’s not leaving Spotify despite rumours

Photo credit: Jay Godwin for LBJ Library

Jemele Hill says she’s not leaving Spotify, despite a Bloomberg report claiming otherwise: “I never asked Spotify for $100 million.”

Despite a report that she was leaving Spotify, Jemele Hill announced Twitter that their Unbothered podcast network is going nowhere.

Bloomberg reported Friday that Hill was looking for a new home for her podcasting network, which includes her show Jemele Hill is undisturbed, as the company “reconsidered its expensive podcasting strategy.”

“A lot of what has been reported just isn’t true,” Hill tweeted in response to a fan who tweeted that he hated that she “lost her Spotify contract.”

“My podcast wasn’t cancelled. I never asked Spotify for $100 million. That shit is really weird,” Hill continues, before listing her show’s upcoming guests: Sabrina Elba, Blair Underwood, Kasi Lemmons, JR Smith, Kenny Latimore, and more. “If I have something to say, I say it.”

Accordingly Bloomberg’s sourcesWho declined to be named, said that Hill and Spotify are “negotiating the terms of their split, which will result in the end of their show and their network — at least on Spotify.”

Bloomberg’s report comes four years after Spotify spent a whopping $200 million on Joe Rogan’s podcast, and then Hill called She would love to see Spotify giving that kind of money to black podcasters.

“I wish they would give $100 million to someone who’s black,” Hill told the New York Times.

Jemele Hill, a former ESPN personality, left the network in 2018 due to political controversy. After calling Donald Trump a white supremacist in 2017 and urging advertisers to boycott Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after he suggested the team could bench players who “disrespect the flag” — comments that led to it that she was suspended from the network. Later that same year, she joined The Atlantic and launched her podcast in 2019.