Jimmie Allen is countersuing two “Jane Doe” accusers for sexual assault

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Jimmie Allen counters

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Credit: Ahmed Rizkhaan

Country singer Jimmie Allen is countersuing two of Jane Doe’s defendants on sexual assault charges against him.

Each of the women sued Allen individually for sexual assault, with their allegations unrelated to each other. The first lawsuit was filed in May 2023 by his former manager, who accuses the country music star of constant assault and abuse over the 18 months she worked with him. That lawsuit in June 2023 was followed by another lawsuit from a second woman, who accused Allen of secretly filming their sexual encounter without her consent, prompting her to take the recording to the police.

Because of these allegations, Jimmie Allen was fired from his record label BBR Music Group. He was suspended from the label after the first allegation, however the label dissolved their relationship entirely in June 2023 after the second allegation was made. At the time, Allen denied his ex-manager’s claims, calling them “false and extremely damaging”. Now it looks like the singer is reinforcing that stance with his latest statement.

“Following numerous false allegations, I have contacted a legal team to take appropriate action to protect my reputation and disprove these allegations, which have caused serious damage to my family, my mental health and my business,” Allen said opinion to the press begins.

“It took me a few months to publicly respond to these allegations because I wanted to put my family in order first. I was very humiliated by this situation and felt the need to seek professional help. I’ve struggled with racism and harmful threats for years simply because I’m a black person in the country music industry, and this situation has only exacerbated that. As the son and brother of rape victims and a father of daughters, these false claims are extremely hurtful to me and everyone around me.”

“These false accusations have resulted in the loss of a multitude of business and promotional opportunities that I have worked extremely hard to secure. These false allegations have not only harmed me, but have also caused severe financial damage to my band, my team and their families.”

“As the trial unfolds, I look forward to the opportunity to clear my name. I am forever grateful to those who stood by my side and helped me share the truth. My team and I look forward to putting this behind us and getting back to music.”