Jimmie Allen is fired from BBR Music Group after second sexual harassment allegation

Photo credit: Busterbirds 1776 / CC from 4.0

After a second sexual harassment allegation emerged, country singer Jimmie Allen’s label BBR Music Group has dropped it.

The music group suspended the singer based on the initial allegations. Now a second “Jane Doe” is suing the country star for sexual assault. The new lawsuit, filed in Tennessee, says “Jane Doe 2” met Jimmie Allen in May 2022 during a plane trip to Nashville. After exchanging numbers with the country music star, they went on an online affair. In July 2022, Jane Doe 2 set up a meeting with Allen in Las Vegas, where he was scheduled to make several appearances.

“Allen sexually assaulted Jane Doe 2 in his hotel room and then passed out. “Deeply upset by the attack, Jane Doe 2 was leaving the hotel room when she discovered that Allen had secretly and without her consent placed his cell phone in the closet across from the bed to videotape the entire incident,” the lawsuit reads .

The Jane Doe 2 grabbed the phone, stopped recording and took it away. After booking a flight home, she took the phone to local police and reported the assault and the recording. Following the disclosure of this lawsuit, BBR Music Group, along with Jimmie Allen, is dismissing the lawsuit.

“BBR Music Group has severed their relationship with Jimmie Allen, he is no longer an active artist in their roster,” the label said in a brief statement. BBR Music Group previously suspended the artist when he was accused of raping “Jane Doe,” a woman who worked as his day-to-day manager at his previous management company, Wide Open Music.

Following this allegation, Jimmie Allen was suspended by UTA and its management company, The Familie, in May 2023. His PR company, Full Coverage Communications, was the only company to drop him entirely after the first lawsuit.

Jimmie Allen firmly denied the allegations made in the first lawsuit, calling them false. He said he will take the necessary legal action to protect his reputation. It’s unclear how he’ll react to the second lawsuit, which includes lurid details about how the woman asks the singer not to ejaculate inside her and is ignored – and the secret recording she took home.