Kesha and Dr. Luke settle their long-running defamation lawsuit out of court

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Kesha finishes Dr.  hatch

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Photo credit: Eric Ita / CC from 3.0

Kesha and Dr. Luke settles their long-running defamation lawsuit out of court: “God only knows what happened that night.”

Singer Kesha and producer Dr. have hatch completed Her protracted battle with lawsuits and counterclaims over her allegation that he sexually abused her and his allegation that she lied about it and defamed him. The couple announced the news on Thursday, but the terms of the deal have not yet been announced.

Kesha says that “God only knows what happened that night,” while Dr. Luke claims he is “absolutely certain nothing happened; I never drugged or assaulted her.”

Both parties announced on Instagram that they had agreed to a “resolution” of the case and comment from both parties. Media requests for comment have been sent to her attorneys.

“I can’t tell you everything that happened,” Kesha writes, adding that she “wants only peace to everyone involved.”

dr Luke said he wished Kesha well and wanted to “put this difficult matter behind” after years of struggling to clear his name.

The resolution prevents a trial that would have taken place this summer over allegations that became a #MeToo moment for Kesha and her supporters, including a number of musicians including Lady Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Pink, Avril Lavigne, Adam Levine and Taio Cruz – all have testified or given affidavits in connection with the case.

Meanwhile, the case raised important legal questions about fame and defamation, with the risk deemed high enough for the media to debate pre-trial verdicts and whether they could help influentials quash unflattering coverage. The litigation between Kesha and Dr. Luke have lasted since 2014.

The singer, who originally took her name “Ke$ha,” made her name with a slew of banger-pop anthems in the 2010s. These early hits were recorded by Dr. Produced by Luke, who founded the Nashville record label that signed then-unknown 18-year-old singer Kesha Rose Sebert.

dr Luke, whose real name is Lukasz Gottwald, has produced chart-topping acts for Katy Perry, Avril Lavigne, Flo Rida and many more. dr Luke has received multiple Grammy nominations and has been repeatedly recognized as Pop Songwriter of the Year by the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers.

Kesha first sued him in 2014, alleging that he drugged and raped her nine years earlier and psychologically abused her throughout their working relationship. Among the allegations, Kesha said he harassed her about her weight, made fun of her voice and wielded his power over her career. dr Luke, who has not been charged with any crime, responded by suing Kesha for defamation.