Lawyers Representing Former Lizzo Dancers Investigating More Complaints

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Lizzo dancers lawyers investigating new allegations

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Photo Credit: Siddhant Kumar

Lawyers representing three women who filed a lawsuit against the singer Lizzo for harassment say they are investigating more complaints.

Ron Zambrano says his firm is investigating new allegations that have arisen since news of the lawsuit went public. Lizzo is accused of sexual harassment, creating a hostile work environment, and weight-shaming her touring dancers. New allegations from at least six more people who toured with the singer are under scrutiny. Some of those allegations come from people who worked on her Amazon Studios reality show, “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrls.”

“Some of the claims we are reviewing may be actionable, but it is too soon to say,” Zambrano told the press when asked for a comment. Lizzo has not commented on the possibility of new allegations, but she did take to social media to address the initial wave of allegations that cropped up from dancers.

The suit alleges that Lizzo pressured dancers to touch nude performers at the strip club, called attention to weight gain of performers, and fired another performer after recording a meeting she called to manage her weight.

According to the lawyer, Lizzo allegedly said it was normal for dancers to get fired when they get fat. Also named in the suit alongside Lizzo is her dance captain, Shirlene Quigley. Quigley is accused of proselytizing to the other performers despite being told not to and making harsh comments about those who engaged in premarital sex. Quigley also made speculative comments about the status of one of the dancers’ virginity.

Despite the allegations coming out last week, there appears to be little impact on Lizzo’s status. Luminate data reveals her streaming airplay from last Tuesday to Friday didn’t change amid the allegations. It will be interesting to examine the data this week to see if that remains the case. Lizzo also has a single, “Pink” in the Barbie soundtrack—which has had the biggest box office release of any movie this year.