‘Lil Baby’ cancellations stretch to 10 dates while ticket sales are tepid

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lil baby

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Photo credit: Frank Schwichtenberg / CC from 4.0

Lil Baby’s It’s Only Us tour kicks off in Texas next week, but the Atlanta native has already dropped ten cities from the original 32-show schedule.

Although Lil Baby’s highly anticipated It’s Only Us tour kicks off next week in Texas, ten cities have already been dropped from the original 32-show schedule with no explanation. The Kid LAROI was also removed as the opening act, however GloRilla, Gloss Up, Rylo Rodriguez and Hunxho remain featured.

The rapper’s nationwide arena tour will no longer stop in Denver, Las Vegas, Louisville, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Sacramento, Salt Lake City and San Diego. Tickets for these dates have been on general sale since April 13, and ticket holders do not need to take any further steps to receive their refund.

Lil Baby posted an updated tour schedule on Instagram last week with two additional dates in Philadelphia on August 29 and New York City on August 30 — though the post didn’t give a reason or mention the canceled dates beyond her absence.

“Find it very strange that you canceled the Sacramento concert without giving us a reason – you need to fix this now,” one fan wrote, while another lamented, “You really got Minnesota kicking off but are you going to Wisconsin?”

With view on Ticket sales charts On Ticketmaster, venues for dates like Memphis on September 7 and Seattle on August 12 appear to have sold less than half of the available tickets, while the biggest sales are coming from cities like Los Angeles, where most of the seats are already taken.

Lil Baby’s pandemic-era release “My Turn” helped propel the rapper into one of the biggest breakthrough stars of the past five years. His follow-up solo album, it’s just me debuted at No. 1 last fall but failed to garner a comparable stream of hit singles.

His tour begins July 26 at the Toyota Center in Houston and concludes September 22 at the FLA Live Arena in Ft. Lauderdale.