Lizzo Could Face New Wave of Charges—”We’ve Heard From At Least 10 Former Lizzo Employees”

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Lizzo dancers lawyer comment

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Photo Credit: Sarah Burns for WFUV Public Radio / CC by 2.0

As Lizzo’s current dance crew issued a statement in support of the singer, lawyers for ex-dancers say more people are coming forward with complaints.

The Big Grrls and Big Boiiis dance crew for Lizzo issued a statement in support of the singer. “Thank you to Lizzo for shattering limitations and kicking in the doorway for the Big Grrl and Big Boiii dancers to do what we love,” the post states. “You have created a platform where we have been able to parallel our passion with a purpose! Not only for us but for women and all people breaking barriers.”

The statement came in response to a lawsuit filed earlier this month in Los Angeles against Lizzo. A group of ex-dancers allege they were victims of sexual assault, racial bias, and religious harassment, among several other allegations. Lizzo denied those allegations on August 3, calling them “sensationalized stories” for the media. But lawyers for the ex-dancers believe more people may be added to the initial lawsuit as they hear more complaints.

Attorney Ronald L. Zambrano has already stated at least six more people have come forward. Following the statement from Lizzo’s current dance crew, the lawyer issued this statement:

“It’s understandable that Lizzo’s current employees would gush about her. They want to keep their jobs and maintain access to her global celebrity,” Zambrano says. “But the comments change nothing about the allegations in the lawsuit. More potential plaintiffs sharing similar stories of abuse and harassment are coming forward on a regular basis.”

“We’ve heard from at least 10 former Lizzo employees since we filed the lawsuit and are reviewing their claims. Some of them will most certainly be actionable. Lizzo’s job now is to try and do everything she can to limit the damage to her brand and save her career. Our job is to vigorously litigate this case on behalf of plaintiffs based on the facts, and we’re confident we will prevail over the spin.”