MENA’s Music Industry Is Thriving: What Does 2024 Have In Store?

Spotify ‘Rest of World’ (ROW) monthly active user (MAU) numbers are growing. But how much is coming from MENA countries? (Graph: Digital Music News)

The rapid development of MENA’s collective music space, far from being a secret, has driven more than a few industry conversations and investments in recent years. According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the region’s recorded music sphere grew 23.8% year over year (YoY) during 2022, with 95.5% of revenue attributable to streaming.

MENA — short for Middle East/North Africa — is an acronym getting a lot more play in music industry discussions these days.

But what’s really happening in this region? In this DMN Pro report, we pick apart the numbers emerging from this fast-growing territory for streaming platforms — and offer a glimpse at how MENA will factor in the future global music industry stage in 2024 and beyond.

Report Table of Contents


I. MENA: A Closer Look at a Surging Music Industry Market

II. Spotify’s Growing MENA Presence: What Can We Deduce?

Graph: Spotify’s Rest Of The World MAUs

III. “The Spotify Of The Middle East” By The Numbers: Anghami’s Solid Userbase Foundation, Declining Revenue, And a Bright Spot In Egypt

Graph: Anghami Revenue Percentage by Market, H1 2022 vs. H1 2023

IV. MENA’s Music Market – What To Look For In 2024

V. A Timeline Of Major Music Industry Developments In MENA