Meta launches monthly VR subscription for $7.99 – Meta Quest+

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Meta VR Subscription

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Photo credit: Meta

Meta has introduced a new VR subscription called “Meta Quest+” to give gamers access to VR experiences.

The subscription starts at $7.99 per month with a $59.99 annual option and delivers two VR titles per month. The gaming model is similar to that of the more established gaming companies Sony and Microsoft. Both offer free games as part of their PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscription packages. Every month if you keep your subscription, Meta will provide you with two VR games to play.

Physical action-rhythm first-person shooter Pistol Whip and arcade adventure Pixel Ripped 1995 are the first two offerings for July. Meanwhile, Walkabout Mini Golf and MOTHERGUNSHIP: FORGE are on board in August. The subscription works the same as PlayStation Plus, where you need an active subscription to enjoy games you’ve redeemed in the past.

Users can unsubscribe at any time, but will lose access to subscription games unless they purchase them. However, if a user rejoins MetaQuest+instantly regain access to their previous game titles. The new subscription model is available for Quest 2 and Quest Pro headset owners and the service will be forward compatible with the Quest 3 headset. The launch of Quest 3 will likely come with some kind of subscription bundle to entice users to get instant access to new games every month.

Part of what makes the Xbox strategy so appealing is the bundle that includes a year of GamePass Ultimate. 24 guaranteed games over the course of a year is a more exciting prospect than “maybe” buying a game or two over the lifetime of the VR headset. It remains to be seen whether the VR subscription model will pay off. VR games have yet to break into the mainstream, largely due to the space required to enjoy the technology.