More Sources Point to Ariana Grande’s Split from Scooter Braun’s Management

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Ariana Grande's split from Scooter Braun

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Photo Credit: Emma Sheehan / CC by 2.0

Despite claims to the contrary from Team Scooter, more sources point to Ariana Grande’s split from Scooter Braun and HYBE.

Ariana Grande has bid farewell to Scooter Braun’s SB Projects and HYBE, sources close to the situation have confirmed to Billboard and Variety. The news first broke last week as part of the sudden mass exodus from Scooter’s management, which includes Demi Lovato and Idina Menzel — but sources from the Braun camp have refuted those claims as they pertain to Grande. Insiders have since doubled down on their alleged truth.

“Scooter’s team is spinning the story. Ariana is leaving both Scooter and HYBE. There is absolutely no truth to her staying,” said a source in a statement, noting that the singer unfollowed Braun on social media earlier this week.

Sources close to Grande have said she has been planning to part with Braun on “friendly terms” and is “excited to go in a different direction.” Reports indicate that her decision to leave is driven by her having “outgrown him” rather than any distractions arising from Braun’s new obligations as HYBE America’s CEO.

Ariana Grande has been with Scooter Braun’s SB Projects since 2013 when she released her debut album, “Yours Truly.” The star recently released the 10th-anniversary deluxe digital edition of the album, featuring new live recordings of songs like “Honeymoon Avenue” and “Daydreamin’.” Currently, she is involved in a film adaptation of the musical “Wicked,” which Universal has been hoping to adapt to film since 2012.

Rumors continue to circulate that Braun’s other longtime client, Justin Bieber, is actively seeking to exit his relationship with SB Projects despite another four years remaining in his contract. Sources close to the Scooter camp have vehemently denied those claims; sources on the Bieber side have told Billboard that the star is looking for ways to terminate his contract with Braun with the help of his new music lawyer, David Lande.